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dolmades's Journal

Kittens inspired by kittens
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world domination through baklava, paella, gundams, armadas, and being sexy

/fingeroffensive, 2 manly 4 u, antonio not a pedo, ari is not gay, armadas, awesome, babies made in circle2, baby baby, become one with latvia, become one with russia, being a fat weeaboo, being a gundam meister, being dramatic, being sexy, big butts cannot lie, birth control?, boats, bodoinkdoink, bread, burning homework, canada is not invisible, candy, cats, cheese, children, chupachups, circular rooms, closets, coco moo, cookies, corners, death note, dogs, drama queen italy, eduard is kira, elena is cute, everyone cheats but spain, fallacies, food, gee gee gee, gundams, helgi not a girl, husbando, i am a secretagent, i am gundam, i feel pretty, i'm on a boat, iceland #1 mommy, iceland is a fashionista, iceland is a woman, internet 4 porn, italiannordicalliance, italy is fierce, italy is queen bee, italy loves you, italyisaputridpuffinpeeler, julide is da best, kdrama, kittens, love, ludacris, manly national anthems, me, milk, moe moe kyun, move beetoch, muffins, narwhals, no school, nobody nobody but you, nordic 00, nordic's got gundams, o rly, oreos, peace, prada boots, prussia is mcsteamy, puff n ice, puffins, ragnarok, rebellion, rock and roll, romano is big brother, romano's poshuns and cookiez, sadiq pwns cliffs, sadiq's mask, secret agent man, sexy people, sham wow, slap chop, so not srs, spain #1 dad, spain does infomercials, spain is big brother, spain is ceiling cat, spain is mcdreamy, spain loves you, spain pwns in football, sparta pit, spartans, splendid novels, sporadic singing, sudden genderbending, summoning, swiss and his gunz, taco, them, titan peelers, topsy-turvey tomato plants, turkey #1.5 dad, turkey is #1 dad, turkey is a grill, turkey is moe, turkey's abs, tyra banks, u luv mah nuts, unbreak my heart, veda, vee, vietnam is leonidas, waifu, we love haters, what are condoms, women always top, y so sexy iceland, y so sexy norway, y so sexy spain, y so sexy turkey, ya rly, yo quiero tacobell, you, your mother, Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ, ಠ_ಠ, ಠ_ೃ